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Fleet Feet Aptos and Fleet Feet Monterey are not just shoe stores. They are starting places and gathering places to be included in a community of activity, support and wellness. Our promise is to make the experience at Fleet Feet Aptos and Fleet Feet Monterey a “WOW” experience. Come see us and be part of the Fleet.  


You have heard the expression “When Pigs Fly” right? Russ and Tina really thought that would happen before they found themselves as owners of two Fleet Feet stores: Aptos and Monterey.  They would say that "amazing things happen when you follow your passion."  Participating in and promoting a lifestyle of fitness, health and fun in a community atmosphere of inclusion and support is their passion.  After years of being stressed out, unhealthy and unhappy Russ and Tina signed up for a Fleet Feet Training program in Sacramento; this changed the course of their lives.

Sedentary and stressed with high pressure careers, were absolutely stunned and delighted to experience that they had an inner athlete just waiting to be unleashed. And unleash it they did! Tina enjoys running half marathons, and traveling to destination races with friends. She has completed marathons and 50K distances on the trails, and through coaching, inspires others to enjoy the journey and accomplish goals they did not think possible. Russ participates in half marathon and marathon distance events and loves trails like Tina.  In addition to putting in long hours at two stores now, he tries to get out and ride on the Monterey Rec Trail.  One of Russ' favorite things to do is announce at Fleet Feet's local races where he sees first hand the incredible accomplishments of their customers, trainees and friends.  Russ and Tina have two sons: Jake their oldest, is a Cal Poly graduate and a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. Their youngest son Ben, is a Freshman at Aptos High School, plays Junior Varsity Waterpolo and enjoys videography, airsoft, caddying golf, and working on the race crew. 

Now meet our AMAZING TEAM.......


CAROLE LEE: General Manager  Aptos and Monterey

Carole keeps our staff educated and trained on the latest products and strategies in the industry so we can provide the highest quality service and knowledge to our customers. She has great Fleet Feet experience having worked in the Pleasanton store and is an avid horse owner and rider.

HALEY JOURAS:  Store Manager   

Haley spends her time away from the store teaching boot camp, participating in Cross Fit  and is a Certified Personal Trainer.

DANIELLA DITTMAN: Assistant Floor Manager, Fit Professional

Dani, a full-time college student  enjoys music and fancy running pants when she is not studying or working.

HILLARY NESTLERODE: Assistant Floor Manager, Fit Professional 

When not running and hanging out at Fleet Feet, Hillary can be found at the local Cross Fit Gym or laughing it up in comedy clubs.

DANI MEDIAN: Fit Professional

Besides working at Fleet Feet, Dani is a professional dog walker.   You can find her and her four-legged friends on West Cliff Drive most mornings.

KATIE GOTT:   Head Coach

Katie is a full-time fitness fanatic.  When not running herself  or coaching for Fleet Feet, she can be found teaching Spin, Boot Camp, Cross Training, Body Pump, Yoga and more all around town.  


JOHN SALEEM: Store Manager

JESSICA CHAMBERS: Shoe and Apparel Buyer

Jessica has a great deal of experience in retail having managed and bought for a local boutique. She is actively involved in dance and also joins in our Fleet Feet races when she can.

KEVIN KATHEY:  Assistant Floor Manager and Fit Professional

JOSH OLMEDA:  Fit Professional

Josh works in the Aptos and Monterey locations lending his expert knowledge of the latest in shoes and technology. He is a certified massage therapist and a full time student at CSUMB studying Kinesiology. 

DALE WALKER: Fit Professional

Dale, a Fleet Feet employee of over 8 years has a wealth of knowledge and experience with the local running trails and parks in Monterey and surrounding areas. 

JOANNA BURKS: Head Coach, Marketing & Training Coordinator

Joanna brings amazing energy and spunk to our training programs and Coach B is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corporate Wellness Trainer.

Our amazing staff are trained in gait analysis and foot biomechanics.   Everyone on staff enjoys helping you achieve a great fit in your shoes and with your active healthy lifestyle.

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