The Art and Science of Running Lecture Series

The Art and Science of Running

Jeff Moreno, DPT, OCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Precision Sports Performance Running

The PWC is hosting Precision Sports Performance Running's 3 part lecture series "The Science of Running"
The Science of Running lecture series is an educational presentation meant to prepare runners for an increase in their understanding of the RUNdamentals philosophy.

June 19th - Running Resiliency 6PM
What does is take to run without injury and pain for a long period of time? Find out the easiest methods to ensure you're improving stamina every time you run.
July 10th - What is Proper Running Form 6PM
How do you avoid falling victim to common injuries while running? Learn simple ways to improve your movement habits and stay healthy.

August 7th - Common Running Injuries 6PM  

Cost: $10 per lecture / $25 for all 3 lectures 

Participants who purchase the 3 lecture package will be entered in a raffle to win a $300 running assessment with Jeff!

Due to the generosity of Dr. Moreno and the Precision Wellness Center, 100% of the proceeds from the lecture series goes to support Project Fit and the PR Project providing spikes,flats and running shoes to youth athletes in our community! More information on Project Fit and the PR Project

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What is "RUNdamentals" with Dr. Jeff Moreno?

 RUNdamentals: Foundation Training for the Running Athlete. Jeff is taking his knowledge of the science of running and his experience working with runners at all levels, and has developed a 6 week class designed to efficiently enhance, maximize, and elevate a runner’s athleticism to optimize their skill of running at any level. Learn what it takes to move more skillfully, develop purposeful and coordinated strength, and become resilient as a runner. Starting on August 21st there is no reason why you can’t start training like the pros do! More information will be provided during the lecture series.

August 21st - RUNdamentals begins

1x/wk for 6 weeks, at 6pm Precision Wellness Center

8-10 runners per class
Cost is $160

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