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Erin Detka | California Massage Therapist | ABMP Certified Member

Erin created Counterbalance Bodywork for the purpose of keeping people in balance. Her observations have shown that we prosper when we are able to act towards our highest self. Continuing the daily tasks to keep working towards that is a constant balance. We all have events like running late, injuries, family emergencies or over commitments that counter what we strive for. This leads to stress, tension and soreness to name a few. She use massage as a tool to help counter those imbalances and keep you on track. Through a blend of different modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Clinical and Sports massage, she tailor each session to help give you exactly what you need.  Her goal is the session ends with you looking forward to succeeding each day knowing you took care of yourself and your needs. Optional Team Power-walk every Monday before the workshop at 5:30 lead by Coach Erin!

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Week 1: Goal Setting

Oh goals. I love goals, even if they are often the most challenging part of my day. Goals take motivation, diligence and tenacity. When these three traits combine, I achieve amazing things. I am working hard to get these in sync to see my dreams manifest. As I move through my goals, I always find a habit I need to change, adjust or make. For me, habits are the key to me succeeding in my goals. This week, I am sending you some resources on habits. What they are, how to form them, and ways to stay accountable to them.
1) A daily journal. I have found a lot of success with the SELF JOURNAL from Best Self Co. They even have an option for a free PDF download!
2) “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. Duhigg takes you from how your brain forms habits, to identifying your own, to adjusting and making new ones. Click Here to watch his TED Talk! 
3) Accountability! Here are some article’s to get you motivated with tools to succeed!

This week’s recipe:  overnight oats

These can be modified an infinite number of ways. Below is my favorite.
4 or so Strawberries
4 or so Raspberries
1 tbs Chia
1tbs Sweetener (I splurge for cane sugar)
1 tsp vanilla
¾ cup Rolled Oats
¼ cup Steel Cut Oats
Enough milk to fill the container ( I use a non dairy alternative)
I use pint size mason jars for my oats. I get the plastic lids from Target because I found the metal one’s rusted too fast.
Mash the strawberries and raspberries. I use a muddler for this so I don’t have to use as many dishes. The more mashed, the better they will mix in with the oats.
Add sugar, chia, sweetener, vanilla and oats
Fill the container full with milk
Put the lid on and shake it up!
Sometimes I need to add more milk after the first shake to get everything covered
Stick in the fridge! It will be ready in 4 hours minimum, but does best overnight.


Week 2: Keeping a Positive Mindset

I have tried so many different ways to keep a positive mindset! It is a day to day, week to week, moment to moment check in for me. Sometimes I understand how totally awesome, powerful, strong, confident and all around cool I am. And other times I can nit pick every single one of those words and find the antithesis in myself. Whether that person be true or made up!

Here are a couple of options I have found most useful to keep my mindset positive:

  1. Have your buddies close. I have my husband, my two closest friends, and my therapist on speed dial. I know if my true internal rockstar is not able to pull my brain out of the funk, I can get help.


2) Daily Affirmations! Can they be corny? No doubt. But that doesn't’ mean they can’t work! My choice are “Affirmators!” These are so fun, relevant and just perfect! As an example, here is what one says about Self Love:

I openly embrace a feeling of self-love (the PG kind). I love myself because I understand myself. I love myself as the most committed partner I will ever have. I show myself love any way that I can, and when I screw up I remember to be sweet and gentle with myself. If not, I’m gonna make myself sleep on the couch. Got that, Self?

3)   Get that Gratitude. Each morning and evening I write three things I am grateful for. Each week I review the days and get an awesome reminder of how many things I have around me to be happy about. Not sure if it’s for you? Check out this study!

This week’s recipe is a “Chicken Pasta Salad” I often use for a lunch option. I have found that the pasta soaks up the dressing and by the end of the week I am eating some really dry salad! I put the dressing in a separate container and dress each container by day. Yum Yum Yum!!!

Week 3: 80/20 Plan

I love following the 80/20 plan. It allows me the flexibility in my week to week diet to be able to eat out if I don’t feel like cooking, and helps give me the motivation to plan healthy because I know I am not shackled to that plan. For instance, this past week I had planned to make roasted shrimp and broccoli with rice one night. However I didn’t factor in that being at one job at 5am followed by a 4:30 massage client was going to wipe me out! So take out Chinese food it was. I stuck to garlic green beans with chicken and some brown rice. It hit the spot without me feeling like I totally went off track.

I found a few articles that outline the plan simply and efficiently:

  1. The 80/20 Diet Rule

  2. Should You Follow the 80/20 Diet?

And in honor of the Superbowl coming up soon, I have a recipe that goes great with scoops tortilla chips!

Cheesy Mexican Quinoa Black Bean Casserole

I make a few amendments to the recipe

  1. I don’t add any cheese. One because of the whole lactose intolerant issue. Two, the flavors from the spices stand on their own without the need of cheese.

  2. Instead of sour cream I use nonfat plain greek yogurt. This has been my go to for years. I had sour cream a while back and was pleasantly surprised at how heavy and thick it tasted. I yearned for my tart yogurt instead!

  3. Since I don’t add the cheese, I don’t need to bake it. Cuts down on preparation time.

This recipe tastes great cold or warm. Sometimes I bring some corn tortillas to make tacos, sometimes I bring some tortilla chips, and sometimes, just a fork!

Week 4: Grocery Store Tour

I started weekly meal planning two years ago. I was starting my massage business, and was bringing in a lot less money. My wonderful husband picked up the slack to allow me to delve into being a small business owner. I knew the best way I would be able to contribute to our household would be to plan, prep and prepare meals.

One main problem. I wasn’t a fan of cooking and didn’t know how.

Yea, it was a rough couple of months!

But the more I made this part of our weekly routine, the smoother and smoother it went. I searched Pinterest and found recipes I thought looked good. I would try them out, and if they were good, they stayed on the board. Fast forward a year and a half, and I was experiencing extreme eczema on my eyelids and rashes in my armpits. I had a good feeling that I was having an allergic reaction. I put myself on an elimination diet for 3 weeks to cut out all potential allergies. I did not eat any soy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, peanuts, eggs, nuts to name a few! I was so relieved to have build meal planning into my routine. All I had to do was pick new recipes. And after those three weeks, my skin was completely cleared. (After some experimentation, I have narrowed it down to eggs or gluten.)

I now find cooking to be an extremely meditative exercise. I plan our meals according to our week, and which meal will fit best with each evening. I always cook enough to last two meal. Dinner is made Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Sunday being a “whatever’s left in the fridge day.” Sunday’s I prep overnight oats, and lunch. Then three nights a week I get to spend an hour or so with a movie on my ipad, and a recipe. While I may moan at the idea of cooking some nights, once I start, I am in. I remember how good the food is going to taste, and how thankful I am to be able to have food and the means to cook it.

Now, I can’t imagine going back to each week shopping for food with a general idea, but always having pasta, sauce and beef on hand if we didn’t want to mess around with cooking. I make my list, I buy only off the list, and we end each Sunday with a pretty empty fridge.

If you are in the place I was in two years ago, you can do it! The payoff is amazing, and you get to explore the amazing world of food. If I can do it, so can you.

This week’s recipe is CASHEW CHICKEN QUINOA BAKE. I like to add broccoli for some greens. I also roast the red peppers beforehand. It adds a nice complexity. And last, Jess, be aware of gluten in Hoisin Sauce! I got the Dynasty brand from Lucky’s. They use soy beans, not soy sauce. So we are good to go!

 Week 5: Relax and Release: Stress Management

This weeks presentation will focus on what throws us off balance, and what we can do to counterbalance those stresses. One thing I think works very well is massage! I wanted to keep the scope of the presentation broad and all inclusive, and use this space to dive into the benefits and reasons why massage should be a part of your life routine.

I’m not going to tiptoe around the fact that you can live a long and happy and healthy life and never get a massage. Eating healthy, exercising and practicing good mental health will always have long reaching positive impacts on your life.

That however, does not mean that massage isn’t useful or beneficial.

If you are overworked, not sleeping well, and have headaches from stress, massage can be helpful. If you aretraining for a race and the foam roller is not making the cut for those calves and quads, massage can be helpful. And what about that stiffness and soreness from the recovery and PT post surgery? Massage may help there too.

The application for massage extends well beyond relaxation. And a good massage therapist will help cater each session to what you need. I chose to name my business Counterbalance Bodywork for that reason. The definition of counterbalance is:

A factor having the opposite effect to that of another

and so preventing it from exercising a disproportionate influence.  

I use massage to counterbalance those factors pulling you off balance. Each session I give is different. Some clients come in needing to relax and check out of life for a while. We will focus on relaxation, and I will give a more swedish, calming massage. I have minimal communication to allow the client to focus on the strokes of the massage and let their mind and body relax.

Then the next time, perhaps they have some soreness in their hips and glutes from a hard week of hill work. I incorporate some stretching and look for imbalances in range of motion. I also work into the deeper muscles to help release tension. This session involves the client and I to have more communication as we work through their range of motion to make sure they are not being over or under stretched.

I love being a massage therapist because it gives me the opportunity to make a positive change in people’s lives. I also get a lot of fulfillment in seeing someone benefit over and over again from their sessions with me. It is fun and challenging to greet each session with openness to tailor it to just what the client needs.

Now, are you curious about massage?

Are you interested in receiving a massage from me?

If so, I invite you to book a massage! And because I think you are all Tons of Fun, I am giving you your first hour massage for only $60!!!

If you are a member of the Fleet Feet Training Crew, or are thinking of it, I offer massage packages for the 8 and 10 weeks trainings. It is a amazing deal and way to bring massage into your routine for two months. Take a look at the pamphlet at Monday’s meeting to learn all the details.

A list of reading about how cool massage is:

  1. What to expect during a massage- Here’s a blog post from yours truly!

  2. Massage Therapy for Anxiety- This one short and sweet article sites 40 studies and trials about the effectiveness for massage. It is a wonderful worm-hole of information about massage.

  3. 25 Reasons to get a Massage- Not only is this a quick and easy list, it also backs up each claim.

  4. Why You Need a Sports Massage- Pretty self explanatory.

  5. 8 Science-Backed Benefits Of Massage After Surgery- Again, the title says it all.

  6. What to expect during a massage- Here’s a blog post from yours truly about


And last but not least, this week’s recipe!

This recipe I believe involves the most prep, but it is so freaking amazing!!!!

Chipotle Quinoa Sweet Potato Tacos with Roasted Cranberry Pomegranate Salsa

How amazing do those look? I have doubled the recipe and it still comes out killer.

Oh, by the way, all the recipes’ I’ve given can be found here.

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