TOF Coach JoAnna Burks

Coach B. |  Head Coach for Fleet Feet Sports | Corporate Wellness Coach | Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

JoAnna is the creator of The Master Plan - The Master Plan - a coaching method designed to help  people reorganize and re-prioritize their daily schedule to infuse wellness into their business day in a very natural way.  The Master schedule replaces ego, stress and anxiety with clarity + energy - naturally.

10 strategies serve as the infrastructure to proactively map + manage change.
5 strategies to create clarity + 5 strategies to manifest more energy

She specializes in fitness, food and having an attitude of gratitude.  Her passion lies with helping people discover their personal recipe for creating clarity & energy in their minds and bodies - naturally.  Coach B. will be leading the Ton of Fun journey!

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TOF Week #2

This weeks goal: Maintaining a Positive Mindset / Release Limiting Beliefs

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