We are so excited to host the inaugural Nice Girl Nation Fitness Festival!  We want to make sure that you have an amazing experience - in fact, that is the entire purpose.  We want to invite you to an amazing day of social fitness.  The Nice Girl Nation Fitness Festival was designed to expose you to new energy, new ways to get moving, healthy new people and the power of kindness - all in one amazing place.  We want to welcome everyone to the world of social fitness without limits.

We get it, the event is new.  You may not be sure if it’s right for you or exactly what exactly we are going to do!  Here are some helpful pointers to make sure you prepared and feel ready to make the most of your day!  This is a fitness festival after all, not just a 5k!

What should I wear?

  • Your smile.
  • Comfortable clothing that you can move around in.
  • Tennis or athletic shoes
  • It’s always safe to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt in Monterey!

What do I need to bring?

You really don't need to bring very much, we want you to be able to move around and participate in various activities as well as interact with all of the vendors! The event is held in one location and each of the events starts and finishes at that location - the Custom House Plaza.  

There will be plenty of room for everyone to have their own little space if you want to lay out your yoga mat and establish personal 'home-base' of sorts.  Leave all your valuables at home - you won't need them here.

  • If you have a yoga mat - bring it!
  • If you feel more comfortable bringing your own lawn chair – do it!
  • If you have your own bike for the bike parade – bring it!

 Where is the 5k run / 1 mile is walk course?

Get ready for breathtaking views – the Monterey recreation trail has something special for you!  You will be leaving the Custom House Plaza and heading South on the trail past the famous Fisherman’s Wharf and along the beautiful coast line.  Enjoy views of Cannery Row, wild life and the Monterey Bay Aquarium! 

The NGN festival is on a schedule that allows for a person who has a maximum of 15 minute per mile pace to make it back to the Custom House Plaza in time to participate in the next scheduled event! (45 minute window)

For a close-up look at the 5k run/1mile walk route click HERE

Do I have to run?

NO.  You do not have to be a runner to participate in this awesome event.  We love walkers too and have planned out a gorgeous 1 mile walk just for you!  If running / walking / biking are not in your current scope of exercise… that’s ok!!!  We have alternate events on the main plaza stage for you to enjoy.  You never have to leave the event venue.  We have a variety of activities for every age and fitness level.

Your registration allows your to participate in any events you choose!  .

You get to pick what social fitness activities work best for you!

If you don't want to run - you can do a Zumba class instead!

Don't want to do the to bike parade? That's ok too!

Stay Carmel Barre will be doing a class just for you!



What is a bicycle parade? 

The bicycle parade is a very slow and enjoyable ride along the Monterey recreation trail.  We will be keeping a very leisurely pace that everyone can enjoy!  You do not need to be a professional cyclist – it’s not that sort of event.  We will have lead cyclist out front and a sweep bringing up the back!  We will have no riders left behind!  The ride is approximately 2 miles and borders the Monterey Bay!  You will have ocean views the entire way!

For a close-up look at the 2 mile bike route click HERE

 Can I bring my own bicycle?

Yes!  You may bring your own bike!  Bay Bikes will be providing free bike valet that opens at 7:30 am.  We encourage you to decorate your bike for the parade.  Bring all your bells and whistles for the smile & wave parade!  Simply walk up and check your bike in to the valet upon arrival!

Can I borrow a bicycle?

Yes!   Bay Bikes is so awesome they will be bringing 40 beach cruisers for us to borrow! Free! Loaner bikes are first come, first serve on the day of the event!  Sign up upon arrival to secure your space in the parade!



The bike parade is child friendly.  Children must be 8 years or older to ride their own bicycle.  Riders younger than 8 must be on or attached to a bike being ridden by person who is 18 years of age.  If your child is cycling, be sure they are skilled enough to control the bike, and maneuver as needed to share the trail and safely pass.

 What is Nice Girl Yoga?

Don’t worry - Nice Girl Yoga is simple, appropriate for all fitness levels and works wonders to restore love & kindness to hearts of every age.  Nice Girl Yoga will not be your typical ‘yoga class’ but it will provide the same powerful impact.  Coach Ariel has designed a beautiful physical practice to compliment Coach B’s Nice Girl contract.  Consider it your Nice Girl toolbox - 4 powerful principles designed to serve as tools to keep you present in your mind & body as you move throughout your daily life. 

  • ‘The Pause’ & ‘The Tap’
  • Leading with your heart
  • Breathing to restore gratitude
  • Compare & Despair

 Where do I park?

There is a public parking lot located right next to the venue at Lighthouse & Washington.  Click HERE for a Googlemap. 

There are 2 public parking garages located 2 blocks away at the corner of Washington St. & Del Monte Ave.  Click HERE for a Googlemap. 

Where do I pick up my bib & race package?

 Fleet Feet Sports - 472 Alvarado Street - Monterey - CA

  • Friday 10/21  3-6 pm
  • Saturday 10/22 12 - 6 pm
  • Race day registration + Packet pick up opens at 7:30am


Do you still need to register to participate??

Click HERE!

Would you like to be an event volunteer??

Click Here!


Meet Coach B.  - The Festival MC

Nice Girl + Instigator + Motivator + Rejuvenator


Coach B is a lady we believes in energy and has dedicated her life to manifesting more of it. Coach Burks considers herself a ‘recession refuge’ - a former real estate executive turned nutritionist, trainer and corporate coach when the new housing market went bust.  Combining her years of operational leadership, with her education and experience in personal training and nutrition, Coach Burks created The Master Plan: Solutions to life’s real issues.

 Five strategies to create clarity + 5 strategies to manifest more energy.

Called on by top executives for her one-of-a-kind champion talk and counsel, she has become the go-to resource for those looking to take their lifestyle, as well as their teams, to the next level.  Whether she is in the board room, on the training floor or out taking clients for a run, she infuses the clarity and energy needed to keep people in their most productive space. More importantly, she developed the tools needed to support long-term change.  Coach B.  currently serves at the Marketing & Training Director for Fleet Feet Sports and has the distinct pleasure of sharing her tools & energy with their teams in a whole new way.


 What is the Nice Girl Nation?

The NGN is an amazing movement started by Coach JoAnna Burks after realizing the radical impact of conditioning her heart & mind to focus on being authentically kind. The NGN is now an amazing group of ladies, of every age and ethnicity, which have committed to the same level of radical accountability.  We have agreed to raise our standards for our language and behavior, in a friendly way– so that we can lead the changes that we want to see in the world, starting today.  We are simply on the move to make it cool to be kind – no strings attached.  But it’s not just words – we back it up with a contract.  We understand that it takes focus to be successful so we created the tools and the teams to help people embrace kindness and ultimately manifest their own dreams.  

Kindness: We can’t just talk about it, we’ve got to be about it.















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