NGN Festival Vendors

October 23, 2016 | Custom House Plaza – Monterey | 8am - Noon

Hello Nice Girl Vendors!

We are so proud and excited to have you on the Custom House Plaza with us for the fitness festival.  This is going to be a day full of good energy- we have so many great things planned for this event.  Our goal is to create a positive interactive experience for you to connect with the hundreds of people that will be in attendance, ultimately letting your business and products shine.  

 We have put together this information packet to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible. We have an amazing volunteer named Christine Methany who will be our on-site Special Events Coordinator.  Christine will be located near the main stage, and accessible to both vendors driving in or walking onto the plaza.  Please make sure that you check-in with Christine upon arrival.

Attached you will find:

  1. Vendor map of the Custom House Plaza.
  2. Vendor Loading Instructions
  3. Event Flow Chart

You are allowed to drive your car onto the plaza to unload/load your merchandise.  If you choose, you can enter on Scott Street and drive right through to the Wharf public parking lot.  It is just as easy and accessible to park in the Wharf parking lot and bring your merchandise over on a cart or dolly.

Please make sure you are prepared with the man/wo-man power and equipment to load and unload all of your own merchandise and please be on time!

Load in times:  6:30 – 7:00 am (driveway closes to automobiles at 7:15!)

Break Down: 11:45 am

What to bring:

  • Tents / Tables / Table Cloths

¨      Tents my not exceed 10x10 in size
¨      ALL tents must be secured/staked down to sand or weights. (water not permitted)

  • Signage / Marketing Materials
  • Goodies for the crowd (samples/swag)
  • Extension cords for electrical (there is plenty of power on-site)

Vendor Spaces & Sizes

Gold Row Sponsors = 10 x 15 ft.  (Spaces 1-5)

Silver Row Sponsors = 10x 10 ft. (Spaces 7-9)

Community Partners = 10x 10 ft. (Spaces 10-20 + 25-27)

Non-Profits = 10x 10 ft. (Spaces 21-24+ 28)


Vendor Payments

Gold & Silver Sponsors - payable to YWCA

Community Partner Tables - $50 – payable to Fleet Feet Sports

Vendor with product sales - $75 – payable to Fleet Feet Sports

Non-Profit - $0

Vendor Google Map Links:

Scott & Oliver street Entrance:

Wharf Parking / Washington Street:

Event Tickets - There are still tickets available for the NGN Fitness Festival!  We would love your help raising awareness by sharing the link and letting your friends and family know how they can participate!

Volunteers - We are still accepting volunteers for the day of the event!  You can never have too much love and support at an event like this.  Do you, your friends, family or other group of awesomeness want to volunteer?? Cool, register here:

Questions?  Contact

We really only ask one thing that day – bring your very best attitude and be ready to smile & wave!



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