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We would love to see your company benefit from the kindness movement. 

Let’s set up a Nice Girl Nation team and get your people moving too!  Employees are the most valuable assets to any company. Healthy employees tend to be happier and more productive employees.  Social support is a very important part of wellness programs - it builds a  sense of camaraderie with your co-workers. You’ll have a chance to experience activities with them that aren’t related to work.  Using the Nice Girl Fitness Festival as a part of your wellness program allows you to motivate and support your team by interacting with them in a positive way; encouragement they need it, as well supporting them on the road to their wellness goals. Plus, you’ll be motivated by seeing other’s positive results! 

This is an amazing way to infuse, wellness, kindness and team building into your business today in a really fun and inviting way -while making a charitable donation to the YWCA!

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