We are excited to announce our Training Program offerings for Fall 2017! We offer programs for everyone!  Whether you're looking to get off the couch or want to tackle your next half marathon, we can help you find the motivation to accomplish your goals.  To find out more information about our various programs, join us for an open house, or please click on the links below. Don't have time right now but want to be the first to know when your favorite program is starting up? Click here to sign up to be the first one to know about restarting and new programs.

Beginner Programs - Ready to take the first step in your fitness journey? Whether you are looking to get off the couch or find accountability with a group, our Coaches and Mentors will help you cross the finish line of your first race. These programs are supportive of both beginner runners and walkers. We will coach on the Run/Walk interval method that will help you accomplish your goals, keep you injury free and allow you to have fun while running and walking!

Mid-Distance Programs - Whether you're a casual runner looking to get faster, go a little further or you've just finished your first 5K and want to keep the ball rolling, our intermediate training programs can push you to the next level. Delve a little deeper into the world of running with new training techniques -- including speed training/conditioning -- and continue to build on your education in safety & visibility, hydration, nutrition management and much more. Throughout the program, you'll gradually increase your mileage as you train to be mentally and physically fit to endure longer and harder runs. As always, the same great coaches and mentors will be with you every step of the way! Read More

Distance Programs - A hallmark for testing endurance, these 13.1-mile races take a significant amount of training, both physically and mentally. Our training programs focus on both of these aspects with coaches and motivational speakers that will help better prepare you for crossing the finish line. In addition to weekly training plans and newsletters, our participants have access to multiple pace group options led by experienced Mentors. These Mentors will be beside you every step of the way! Our workouts are varied, interesting, and geared towards building strength, speed, and endurance. We work to educate you on proper form, pacing, fueling, stretching, strength training and more!

Specialty & Youth Programs - If you are looking for a bigger challenge or find you are stuck in a rut with your training, maybe it's time to venture off the beaten path with our "Tail Mix" program! Of course, we can't forget our Project Fit program either! Check to see if your child's school will be participating! 

Coaches & Mentors - Our Coaches and Mentors are our invaluable resources to our training program participants and our best representatives of Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro & Durham. Our Mentors attend every group workout throughout a training program and offer positive energy and attitude to the group. They are beside you every step of the way! We are always looking for more inspiring Mentors and Coaches to join our programs.

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