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Dates: Thursday nights 6:30pm 3/23 - 5/11

The Age Stronger Fitness program uses the newest methods in core and full-body training to develop strength you can use on your feet and master your body in motion. Doug Barsanti of ReInvention Fitness and ReInvention Notebook will be coaching this 8-week program starting Thursday March 23rd. In this program, you will learn how to:

* Undo your bad movement habits that cause pain and stiffness

* Build full-body strength, cardio conditioning, and coordination you can use for running, walking, or every day life

* Learn how to move better so you can burn more calories with less fatigue

Please bring your own exercise mat - a thicker type Pilates mat will be more comfortable than a thinner yoga mat

Pricing: $70.00 

Discounted registration for trainees simultaneously in New Boundaries, Trail Training, or 1/2 Marathon Training

Doug Barsanti, MA, NSCA-CPT, CSCS

OwnerReInvention Fitness LLC
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Program Start: Thursdays 3/23-5/11
Program Schedule: 6:30 pm
Program Fee: $70.00

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