Good Form Running Clincs

Fleet Feet Sports - Aptos & Monterey and New Balance have partnered with Good Form Running to help more people make running a less-painful, more enjoyable, part of their lives. By reducing the strain that leads to injury, these four steps, work together to keep you on the road, helping you to run longer, faster, and more comfortably than ever before. 

Featuring video analysis with coach's eye!

Clinics at both locations start @ 9:30am

Aptos on the 1st Saturday of each month

Monterey on the 2nd Saturday of each month

The four elements:


Proper posture is the critical first step toward improved running form – one that sets the stage for more-efficient movement.


Landing on the midfoot, rather than the ankle, not only reduces impact on the knee – a common source of pain and injury – but also works with the other principles to encourage forward momentum for the body.


For many people making the transition, aiming for a cadence of 180 steps per minute (or 3 per second) is the element which requires the most work.


Rather than over-striding or reaching with the feet, Good Form Running utilizes a forward lean to propel the body forward.

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